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Bristles, outrageous graphics, dazzling games play, testing quick reactions, concentration, logic and strategy, it is mind (and joy-stick) boggling!! Featuring Sex-Select, you can choose either boy or girl painters.

Bristles features different game screens and skill levels for each building. Scramble to paint the entire building while avoiding the smart Bucket Chucker, Dumb Buckets and flying Half-Pints. Takr the lifts, climb the stairs and watch out for the caretaker's daughter; she puts her hadn prints all over the place! Then there's prizes, candy canes, 'invisible paint'...

With fully animated characters, (music) sound effects, multiple screens and beautiful graphics. you can't help but want to add Bristles to your collecion of Spectrum games.


48K Required

Number of Levels

48 Levels

Original Price


Software House

State Soft Limited


R. Huddy


Arcade Painter Game


Up, Q Enter, Down - A Space, Left - Sym Shift, Caps Shift, Right - Z, or use Cursor Keys

Original Rating

Crash 75%


This is a bright game with small but detailed graphics. It also moves at a decent pace. There are lots of options to choose from but silencing the awful theme 'music' is sadly not one of them!

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